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Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Intuitive Medium


Sher Stalie

Sher Stalie

Sher offers Usui Reiki with the addition of Tibetan singing bowls. What you’ll experience: Soft light, calming aromas and soothing music will begin the start of your energy healing session. As you drift into a guided meditative sleep, you start to feel your body becoming lighter and lighter. You might see colors, feel warmth or an overwhelming sense of well-being. As you leave, you feel peaceful, clear and centered. Life will be back in balance.

Sher also offers intuitive medium readings, both one-on-one and group.

About Sher

Sher was born and raised in Northern California, where she had the privilege of starting her high tech marketing career in the heart of Silicon Valley. After moving to Colorado in 1997, she continued her career in high tech only to find she had another passion. After being thrown from a horse, she was left with a bad hip injury and constant pain. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to function on pharmaceutical pain medication, she decided to look for alternative options. After discovering the healing energy of Reiki, she was inspired to learn and offer others this healing modality. She has been working with clients who need mind, body and soul wellness, cancer patients, injuries and other diseases for the last few years.

Fun Facts about Blue Zebra

Blue: Represents the “Blue Zone Projects”. The Blue Zones Project: Community of well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy, and social networks. The intention is to help people live long healthy lives.

Zebra: The zebra’s gifts include seeing in black and white, clarity without filters, balance, agility, uniqueness, power, sureness of path, keeping up individuality within the herd. Zebra stripes also represent the blending and balancing of opposites, yin yang, harmony – enabling us to see a deeper truth.


“Sher is a Reiki Master and her energy work is life transforming. She has helped me overcome blocks and trauma in my life. She is such a blessing and I highly recommend her for incredibly healing Reiki sessions.”
– Monica C.

“Sher is a very gifted and intuitive practitioner. She is prompt, professional, fun and kind. She has helped me heal from a major shoulder surgery, remove a lot of the negative emotions involved with the injury, helped my knee to be pain free for weeks at a time. I am always happy and uplifted after a treatment from her. I have recommended her to my family and friends and look forward to my sessions with her more than anything other therapy or modality I have tried, which have been many after a fall I had a year ago, resulting in surgery. Make an appointment to see her, you will not be disappointed!!!”
– Suzie L.

“I had never experienced Reiki or energy work before my first appointment with Sher. Her style (knowledgeable + caring) was perfect for me. She put me at ease. I knew I was in extremely capable hands during the appointment and felt terrific long after the session. I highly recommend Sher.”
– Tracy H.